Choosing your training in permanent cosmetics

Victoria Ammoscato   •   March 1, 2018

Are you thinking of training in permanent cosmetics?
Maybe you have received a treatment yourself or you seek to specialise in this area of aesthetics, or have received training but feel that you would benefit in converting or learning new skills but feel hesitant to invest further.

The top reason people enter this area of aesthetics is a desire to earn money, permanent cosmetics can be a lucrative career, compared to other aesthetics or beauty treatments it gives the potential for higher earning…but it’s important to get the right start, to be prepared to work hard and apply artistic skill alongside scientific knowledge.

This leads to where people fail, they invest heavily without considering or having received what they need to succeed in this competitive industry. These people are usually sold a quick way to earn easy money, the sad fact is that often what is promised is not delivered or is delivered only partly. Or they do not realise the dedication and steps required in becoming a successful technician, they rush to do everything, make mistakes then give up.

The secret to success is the right foundation given with generosity, patience with the right support and environment. The right tips for how to market yourself and build your skills and business in a realistic timescale.
As technicians we all reach peaks, have uncertainties and require support, continued learning is vital to a cosmetic tattoo specialist, we never stop to want to improve. We practice in continuation and take regular classes to update our skills, we study and research to ensure we are able to offer the best treatment within our capabilities.
The secret of success is in hard work and dedication and if you have a passion for this career then don’t give up! There have been times in my career that have disappointed me, people and situations that have tried my patience and resolve, but my love of this art has pushed me forward, I have travelled far and wide to learn new skills, taken myself so far out of my comfort zone and I will continue to do so.

So how to select your trainer, certainly there has been a huge influx in the amount of companies and individuals offering training in Permanent Make Up, I want to offer a different perspective because I feel training someone in a skill that I hold so dearly requires such a large commitment and is personal so I select my students carefully.
Sometimes people are just not suited to this industry, or they are not suited to a certain trainers approach for learning, my programs for example are intensive, I want my students to be the best that they can be. I want to teach students who are desperate to learn and I will adapt my teaching techniques to meet with any student…but I will not teach someone who doesn’t want to learn.

What qualifies someone to be a trainer is a question that could easily be misunderstood, the obvious answer would be a list of certifications to do so and before I go any further I want to make it clear that I believe qualification to be important, firstly because it signifies that someone has taken time to study and prepare to do something, no matter what that might be. I am proud of my certifications and also my qualifications, they were part of my journey so far.
Qualifications certainly gives a set of skills and preparation, in the case of teaching others then enable to put together course content, study materials and prepare lesson plans with a solid structure.
But the point is not based around qualifications, they are the foundation, any qualification to help you train others efficiently is valid and important, however the qualifications that truly count are;

To possess a high level of skill in whatever you are teaching. We are always learning and improving our skills, as a trainer of others you must be prepared also to place yourself in the role of student, continued professional development keeps us stronger and up to date.

A solid experience in what you are teaching, have you carried out the skill yourself for a long enough time to qualify you to try to teach it to others? Or have you barely grasped it yourself and are reeling out classes to others because you can get away with doing so? Have you actually prepared your own material?

Teaching others a skill required for you to be generous with your own, you must be prepared to give what you have with a need to see your student progress and find success in their own right.

It is not enough that you are skilled and experienced, you have to be able to transmit that to others, some are better are transmitting theory, others hands on skills. Both are relevant and a good trainer will be committed to improving their ability to do so.

This is not about degrading yourself, but simply recognising that we are none of us the best, we all can improve. An inflated idea of your own importance will kill your talent and your talent is a gift recognise them as such.

This is the most important of all ‘qualifications’. There are many out there who teach for monetary gain as a primary motive, whilst this is our job and we don’t do it for free, financial motive should not be at the forefront of why you wish to train others. Your passion for your skill and your passion for transmitting to others is the most important thing.
Before every class I feel a mixture of nerves, excitement, I ask of myself that I will give my very best, I always want to give my very best and if some day that feeling goes then that will be the last class that I teach.


About the Author: Victoria Ammoscato

Victoria Ammoscato is an aesthetician specialised in cosmetic tattooing and skin rejuvenation. She was born in Oxford (United Kingdom) and was the first operator in the world to obtain ITEC Level IV qualification in Micropigmentation, the introduction and regulation of the non-existent regional qualification in England. In 2012 she moved from her clinic in Oxford to Italy, Monterotondo (Rm) where she opened her treatment clinic and training academy . She is the founder of Dermogenera the professional cosmetic range, specifically formulated for skin rejuvenation treatments including microneedling and also includes pigments, products and equipment for permanent make up treatments. Victoria has a strong international reputation as a teacher and expert in her field, sharing her knowledge with intensive and well-structured courses on all aspects of aesthetics.
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