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Project Description

Manual Techniques & Microblading Course

Microblading is the application of permanent makeup made with a manual technique to create the most subtle and natural effects possible. Learn as a beginner or add to existing skill in the manual technique for Permanent Make Up, Microblading.

Course Outline

Our 4 day course is split into 2 units of theory and practical, following completion of module I (theory + practical) the student must practice the skills obtained returning for module II (practical).

  • Anatomy, Hygiene, Contraindications, Safety

  • Skin Tones & Types, Facial Mapping, Colour Theory & Choices

  • Application to Eyebrows

  • Customer Care, The Healing Process, Correct Aftercare

What you will learn

Full theory of skin anatomy and cosmetic tattooing, consultation and contraindications, balancing the features, visagism, project design,
Step by Step realisation of design, skin types, colour theory, needle selection, correct pigment selection, correct pressures, correct techniques and best practice for aftercare according to skin type.

**Please note that course prices are for small group learning unless stated otherwise and for education at our academy near Rome, Italy. For individual programs there is a supplement added. Please contact us for details.

Module I – 2 Days

€ 995.00 + iva with kit
The manual application of permanent cosmetics for eyebrows to create fine natural hair stroke effects.
This course is carried out over 2 days and involves theory, practical in synthetic material.


Module II – 2 Days

€ 400.00 + iva
This is the practical part of the microblading course, following a period of practising the skills learn within module 1, students return to carry out the practical aspect on models.


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