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Project Description

Lightening & Correction Courses for Permanent Make Up

Correction of faded or undesirable Permanent Make Up & Microblading, lightening techniques using the Enlighten method, exclusive to Dermogenera Colour.

Course Outline

A course for professionals to learn how to correct and remove badly executed work in permanent make up with precise and effective techniques.

Do you find that you are being asked to correct permanent make up more and more often and that you need to be able to do so to not turn away clients? This is amongst the most intensive courses available from a specialist in carrying out many corrective treatments over a period of 10 years. It will prepare you thoroughly for these important, yet sometimes complicated treatments.

Courses are available on an individual or small group learning basis.

  • How it works, Contraindications & Safety

  • Skin Tones & Types, Facial Mapping, Colour Theory & Pigment Composition

  • Application to Eyebrows, Lips & Correction of Eyeliner

  • Customer Care, The Healing Process, Correct Aftercare

What you will learn

Learn how to carry out successful correction, lightening and removals of unwanted permanent make up of the eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. These treatments are increasingly in demand and being able to offer them to clients is a necessary skill.

Our program is divided into 2 seperate classes. Firstly removal techniques using our method, a saline based product, Enlighten. During this course you will receive not only the important information you need regarding how the method works, ingredients and techniques for application but also the steps of healing, how many treatments should be expected, aftercare and correct products to use for each stage, without using correct aftercare treatments will see limited success.

Correction of unwanted permanent make up includes facial mapping and correct design, how to neutralise unwanted tones from pigments, steps for correcting and when to decide if correction is possible or not.

Enlighten Saline Lightening – 1 Day

Individual course €600.00 + iva
Small group course €490.00 + iva 

Learn how to lighten and remove unwanted permanent make up and cosmetic/medical tattoos.
1 day intensive program covering theory, demonstration and practical hands on training.
This course is for technicians who wish to improve and gain knowledge of how and why saline removal works, you will learn full theory, pigment composition, safety, technique, treatment program, aftercare program, the full protocol developed for removal exclusive to Academy Dermogenera.
Also suitable for those who have undertaken courses elsewhere and do not feel confident or require more knowledge.


Corrective Colour & Design – 1 Day

Individual course € 600.00 + iva
Small group course €490.00 + iva
Learn how to correct poorly applied permanent make up? Or gain confidence with dealing with undesirable pigment fade such as grey, or pink brows and violet lip lines.
This course covers theory of colour, pigment science, correct project and design.
1 day intensive program with theory, demonstration and work in latex.
This course is for technicians who desire to improve competence, confidence and technique for correcting shape, colour and methods of camouflage with our exclusive protocols and Dermogenera Colour pigments, secure, long lasting and 100% Made in Italy.


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