Permanent Make Up Natural Eyebrow Techniques – video course + manual


Video course with theory presentation, live demonstrations and step by step for how to carry out different styles of hairstrokes and shading.

Study in the comfort of your own studio or home.

  • Step by Step instructions for design
  • Step by Step instructions for application
  • Theorical presentations 
  • Practical demonstrations using machine method
  • Detailed images
  • Written guide & DVD




Within this video course, Permanent Make Up – Natural Eyebrow Techniques, cover theory and learn  different methods for created combination effects using hairstroke simulation and soft shading with the machine method.

This learning tool enables you to design correct eyebrows according to face shape, features, skin type and photo type.

With detailed images to understand the process and the theory behind treatments it covers skin structure, anatomy and histology, what happens when we implant pigment, the wound healing process, client preparation and consent, contraindications, basic composition of pigments, tips for identifying skin tones, skin types and photo types, hygiene and safety, and basic colour theory explained in a simple and easy to understand tutorial, including how colour breaks down and how to correct colour changes, tips on pigment colour selection, needle selection and inclinations.

There is a step by step guide to creating brow design using mapping, a step by step guides for application in skin and suggestions for best healing programs for eyebrow tattooing. 

A study manual is included covering the steps for carrying out natural eyebrow tattoo techniques for permanent make up.




Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm

student, trainer 1 yr

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