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Victoria Ammoscato   •   September 1, 2018

I have always been convinced that our profession requires commitment, to study hard and commit to continuous updating. I also think it is important that those who assume the responsibility to train professionals, should do so with awareness and professionalism because our work requires great preparation and respect for our clients.

With this idea, four months ago, I decided to create a video course that could be a valuable help for all those who want to improve their professionalism, broaden their skills to fit into a market that is able to give many satisfaction.
A course through which I can transfer my decades of experience, the protocols that I perfected over time and all my competence and that has as its main objective the clarity and the possibility, for those who follow it, to be able to put into practice the techniques learned.

Not an easy job from its content structure. Initially I had thought of a single DVD in which to insert all the techniques: permanent make up for eyebrows, lips, microneedling and removal. Then, as I reasoned, I realised that this setting would not be ideal, too many things to say for each topic at the risk of leaving out important information. In addition I realised that I had to leave the freedom to choose which course to deepen for each of you.
So I modified the project that now has four different DVDs, each one specific for individual techniques and each enriched with a full theoretical manual to study and keep.
For this reason the project, which is near to completion, will include four different sessions, which can be purchased separately or all together:

  • Permanent makeup for eyebrows, natural techniques for hairstrokes and shading

  • Permanent makeup for the lips, contouring and shading

  • Microneedling for facial rejuvenation

  • Saline removal of cosmetic tattoos

In each course you will find, depending on the subject matter, an initial part where I’ll talk about, for example, pigments or why a treatment is effective. Then an entire treatment session where I will explain in every detail what to do and how to do it, how to use the necessary equipment up to the protocols to be used after treatment.
Realising the videos, which are in the process of last editing, was challenging, but the enthusiasm for what we were realising gave me the energy needed to reach completion.
There were also moments when, I confess, I found myself overwhelmed. Working with three different cameras to be able to have the maximum detail, at the beginning was not simple. But then it also became habit. At one point I thought that those cameras were not technological objects, but I saw in them the faces of my pupils that I have taught in recent years, I stopped thinking about the technical aspects and I threw myself into my world and I experienced this technological experience as a story already lived where minds were there to learn from me and so, as if by magic, in the room there were no more microphone, lights and operators, but there were you and I with the same passion and love for this work. An experience that has taught me that the important thing is to believe and love what we do and that from this we can find the necessary energies to always give the best of us.

The first video course is now ready, Permanent Make Up – Natural Eyebrow Techniques, then shortly the other three to follow.

In every DVD you will find theoretical and practical insights. Especially practical with the presence of not professional models, but real customers who have really undergone the treatment.
The use of normal customers who undergo the treatment, while explaining the various techniques, was more important to me, because I think that the goal of a professional course is to put yourself in a position to be able to learn and then Working with the methodologies studied, increasing the treatments that you offer to your clientele or for having the possibility to have new customers that you could not treat before. The theory is certainly useful, but without the practice remains only an intellectual exercise and nothing more.


About the Author: Victoria Ammoscato

Victoria Ammoscato is an aesthetician specialised in cosmetic tattooing and skin rejuvenation. She was born in Oxford (United Kingdom) and was the first operator in the world to obtain ITEC Level IV qualification in Micropigmentation, the introduction and regulation of the non-existent regional qualification in England. In 2012 she moved from her clinic in Oxford to Italy, Monterotondo (Rm) where she opened her treatment clinic and training academy . She is the founder of Dermogenera the professional cosmetic range, specifically formulated for skin rejuvenation treatments including microneedling and also includes pigments, products and equipment for permanent make up treatments. Victoria has a strong international reputation as a teacher and expert in her field, sharing her knowledge with intensive and well-structured courses on all aspects of aesthetics.
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